How Long Is That Necklace?

In one of my recently published articles called “Time for a New Chain, But Which One to Buy?” we looked at different types of chain picture necklace to start, replace or add to your jewelry wardrobe. We looked at the function and durability for different types of chains.

One thing we didn’t discuss was the length of these necklaces.

Necklace Wardrobe Lengths

Based on your wardrobe, you need to decide what necklace length will be best. For instance, a turtleneck sweater can work with a necklace that is 16 – 36 inches long. Depending on the bulk of the knit, you might be able to use a 14 inch necklace too.

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Blouses have many different neck closures and you need to be a little more careful in your measurements.

Blouses and Necklace Length

Any front buttoned V-neck blouse can certainly handle a small necklace next to your skin. This can be the shorter necklace version of 14-16 inches. Depending on how deep the V is in the neckline, you may be able to use lengths up to 20 inches.

Lengths over 20 inches will generally need to be worn either inside the collar, next to your skin, or on the outside of the blouse. These may still be on top of the collar or under the collar.

Round necklines that fit up close to your throat are open to a wide-range of lengths from 14 inch up to 36 inches. And they can often look great with several strands of chains or beads and chain combinations.

Find your Basic Style

Go through your closet and see how many blouses, tops, sweaters you have that will work with each necklace length. This will let you know which necklace length will be best for your wardrobe. You need a few necklaces in lengths that will fit most of your clothes.

Pick some basics first. Decide on a short necklace length of 14 – 16 inches. But also look at your other necklines and find a medium 18 – 24 inch length and a long 24 – 36 inch length. This will be your basic necklace wardrobe.

Later you can add other necklaces the same length or a coordinating length to wear with this basic wardrobe.

Internet Shopping

Many of us do a lot of our shopping on the internet these days. It’s very handy. You can shop whenever you want, in your pajamas, sipping a cup of tea. That’s a lot better solution for some of us than driving to the mall, walking from store to store and maybe we find what we want and maybe we don’t. On the internet, you can go from store to store with just a click. Sounds lazy? Maybe but it sure is a time and energy saver.

But what length necklace is best for you? Where is that length going to fall on my body? I can already hear you saying that you don’t have a measuring tape and that 12″ ruler isn’t going to help very much. But there is another solution to help you out.

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