Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana is the largest city in the state of Baja California, Mexico located at a 25 minutes drive from the San Diego Airport and at a distance of around 150 yards from the border of California and Mexico. From past many years Tijuana has been a prime medical tourism destination for people from US and Canada. Americans in many numbers are traveling across the Mexican border to Tijuana for medical treatments they can’t afford at home. Plastic surgery, weight loss, dental surgery, IVF, stem cell are few of the medical treatments opted in Tijuana. From all these weight loss surgery in Tijuana is one of the most sought after medical procedure among medical tourists in Mexico.


Why weight loss surgery in Tijuana is popular?

Price advantage is one of the major factors for the popularity of weight loss Surgery in tijuana. Cost of various bariatric procedures like gastric band and lap band in Tijuana is up to 80% less as compared to US. Price rang for bariatric surgery in Tijuana can be from $8000 to $11000 depending upon the type of procedure. Apart from lower costs there are other advantages like:


  • Quality of care: Tijuana and other parts of Mexico offer same level of medical care as in US and other developed nations.
  • Skilled Surgeons: Medical and other staff are highly experienced in respective fields. Many doctors in Mexico are trained in San Diego and other parts of US. You can also find many US board certified surgeons licensed to practice both in US and Mexico.
  • Ease of travel: Mexico is located at a short distance especially for bordering states like Texas, California, Arizona etc. Even travel expenses to Mexico are very low.
  • Enjoy vacation with treatment: Given huge discounts on weight loss surgery in Tijuana you can plan a vacation and enjoy here along with medical care.

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